SZKKE Clubshow

Our lovely Koda – Northspring’s Born to Be Good won excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Clubwinner and res. Best Junior in Show!!!
The judge was Mrs. Pam Douglas (NZ)

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International Dryland Sleddog Race, Serbia

We had an awesome weekend! We went to Serbia and spent a lovely day with the best company! We also raced ;)
Tivo, Nina and Me took 2nd place in scooter with 2 dogs category and our youngster, Koda debuted, and we won 3rd place in woman canicross♥ Super proud of my team!!!
Thank you to the organizers for the fantastic event and also Peti and Pali for the hospitality :)

Pécs CAC

Our youngster debuted in junior class and won Excellent 1/2, HPJ and he was the best male and Best of Opposite Sex at the age of 9 months and 2 days. He started his Hungarian Junior Championship with this result.

Thank you to the judge, Mr. Jaroslav Matyas and for the perfect handling to Orsolya Nagy!!!!

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VI. Bear Cup, Hungary

Well, well… The hungarian race season is over and we finished it with some great results, I’m so proud of my team!!
VI: Bear Cup, Hungary
Tivo, Nina and Me finished on 3rd place in Scooter with 2 dogs category. They were absolutely fantastic, I’m very satisfied with our results.
I also competed in woman canicross with Dexter the Dobermann, I was sooo happy to run with him again after a year break. We took 3rd place out of 15 runners!!! This dobermann boy always brings the best out of me grin emoticon Big-big thanks for the possibility to his owner, Gábor Marjai!
Congrats to everyone and thank you Andrea Dér and László Nagy for organizing such a nice event!!

II. Tanyakerülő

Super tired and super proud :)  We got home from the 2. Tanyakerülő cart race with some great results!
Tivo, Nina with me took 2nd place out of 6 competitors in scooter with 2 dogs, my little team was AMAZING!!!
I also raced in woman canicross with Bill and became 4th out of 7 entered runners, with a quite nice result.
It was a very nice race, with great people, loved the company and the weekend! Thank you István Svéda for Bill and the organizers for the fantastic event! And also, the gentlemen for the beautiful flowers ;)

Lesnánsky MID

I’m super proud of my little team! At the weekend in Slovakia we (Tivo, Nina with me) became 2nd out of 7 teams in C-D 1/2 category (which means we competed against four-dogged teams too!). I loved the weekend, thanks Peti and Pali :) )

We have two new Clubstars!

We have two Clubstars in our team! The Cynological Club for Sleddog Breeds Hungary decided to issue the Clubstar 2014 title, and both
-CH Chatty Eyes Across Alaska, WD – “Nina”-
and our youngster
-BBISS Northspring’s Born to Be Good – “Koda”-
fulfilled the requirements and gained the title! I’m super proud of my lovely dogs!

Hutianska Stopa

We’re home from Detvianska Huta, where we spent our weekend and had our first sled race of the year. It was my last race as a junior and Tivo, Nina and I finished with style by winning our last junior gold medal :) I enjoyed the race very much, even though on Sunday they had to cancel the race because of the terrible weather circumstances, we had to return from the beginning of the trail. It will be definitely a memorable race!!!
I would like to thank Pali and Peti Lipcsei for giving us the possibility to race on this event, without them we wouldn’t be able to attend Hutianska Stopa. And thank you for the organizers for the great event, we will be definitely back next year!

Grandkids of Tivo

Puppies out of Tivo’s daughter, B’n'W Run for Fun BG’s Phantasia – “Gracie” were born in CZ Republic. More infos on the breeders website: .

Summary of 2014.

What a year we had… I will try to go through all the highlights, as it was a very successfull year for us.

Sadly the winter season wasn’t holding us too much joy, we didn’t have any sled races. But the off-snow races were great, silver medal in D1, two medals at the Bear Cup, where I participated in two categories for the very first time. It became  a habit, in the next season I raced in at least two categories almost everywhere. Then we finished with two beautiful  canicross results, Nina and Me became Champions of Budapest and  Tivo and me took the gold  medal in Serbia again.

One last event before  the  holidays was a show, I handled my  Tivo, who at the national show  won his class and at the  specialty and clubshow won his class again, became Club Winner and  BOS!!!  Wooow…


We had a long summer holiday, with lot of rest. It seemed like we’re just enjoying our time and not doing anything… But in the background we had some big happenings going on. Our Tivo starred in a videoclip and in the beginning of summer someone special was born… I talked with Agi, went to see the puppies and made a terribly hard decision, but I will never regret it. In the first week of September our new member joined us: Northspring’s Born to Be Good – Koda. He immadiately stole our hearts, and I can’t thank Agi enough times for trusting me.

At the end of this month the new season opened as well at the annual Sleddog Meeting. We tried our new love, a new sport, scootering. Nina was awesome, we won 2nd place. I also tried out malamutes in D2 and ran with Tivo in canicross. My black boy won the sausage-eating contest for the third time… And our Nina showed herself like a pro and won her class and went res. Working Dog BIS. I could already feel that we have some amazing months ahead of us. And soon it was reality. First we had a few shows. At Komárom CACIB our Nina won one more CAC towards her Hungarian Champioship and Koda started his show carrier, very promising 1. Then in the afternoon both dogs won their classes and were placed in the BISS. Nina won Working Dog BISS and Koda was Minor Puppy-Puppy res.BISS. With these results both dogs became Waterside Cup winners. My best friend, Orsi handled my dogs to perfection, thank you so-so much!

The next day we headed to Serbia, Tivo won his class on the CAC and the Specialty and Clubshow too and became new CH of Serbia. Nina did the same and topped it with a Club Winner title. And our little star… Can’t even describe how proud I was! He won his class and won 3rd place in the BIS and in the BISS too!! Well, we arrived home with two new champions and a star. Could I be more satisfied with them?


After the shows came the races again, topped with one last show… We went to Reingers, where we had a very hard time. I enjoyed it very much, the company was great, but it was a kind of turning point, I realized I have to start concentrating on the one thing I really want, and not a lot. But our little Koda made us proud again at the Clubshow of ÖCNHS and won his class over 4 males, became BOB Baby over 8 huskies and won Baby BISS!!! Quite a way to finish his baby class carrier.

Sadly, my Nina got an infection and couldn’t compete at the upcoming race in Gyömrő, at the National Championship. One of our friends, Anett lent us her dog, Zenka – Uncut Diamond of Siberian Lady. She and my Tivo were amazing! We won 2nd place in our category (Scooter with 2 dogs) and became National Champions! This was the last race before the European Championship, which was held in Vének, Hungary. I was entered into two categories there, but in the end I only raced in woman canicross with 2 dogs. Nina and Tivo, my partners were real heros, they were so great, I cannot be more proud of my dogs! We trained so much, they are both show champion dogs, and still, they did it. We won silver medal in our category and became junior European Champions on our last junior race!!! This was really the topping of an amazing year…

Now we’re resting, we will spend our holidays and then start to prepare for the next year. I really do hope it will be even better, we have big plans and dreams! It will be a very new chapter in my life, as I won’t be a junior anymore…

But nothing could be achieved without some special people… I would like to thank

Agi and Laci for trusting in me, for giving me the oppurtinity to own such a miracle as Koda and for all the help and friendship I get from them,


Peti and Pali Lipcsei for the friendship and for all the help, without them I could not race in scooter category,

Sipi and Petra for being amazing friends, company and for being helpful in every situation,

Anett for all the help and tips with Koda and for giving me the opportunity to become National Champions with Zenka,


Orsi, my dearest friend, for being there at the hard times, at the good times and for handling my dogs to perfection,


my Mother for driving us to the events, for all the help and for everything, you’re the best!,


and at least but not last my dogs, I’m the proudest owner to have such amazing friends who always do everything with all their hearts and never let me down!